How Using Drones Can Benefit Your Construction Site


There are many people across the world that use drones recreationally because they are beginner friendly and fun to use (see some great beginner drones here). While recreational use for drones is popular, drones have actually been quickly growing when it comes to being used for commercial purposes. Many different commercial industries have begun to see how drones can assist them in the workplace, especially construction companies. Drones offer many benefits to the construction industry and its workers including saving them time and money. In this article, we discuss how using drones on a construction site can improve the industry as it begins to become more technologically advanced.

1. Detailed surveys

A great benefit of using drones on a construction site is their ability to capture survey images on a construction site and allowing contractors, engineers, and architects to visualize and analyze structural requirements from the ground up. Many drones are equipped with cameras that can capture images and data. Visit for the best camera drones.

AeroVision is a professional aerial company based in Oklahoma that specializes in data and surveying. They focus on the importance of data and the information it can unleash. Data captured by drones can help designers create building information models and 3D renderings of a site using drone-obtained point clouds. With drones can also assess buildings that are old, new or in-progress. Without drones, this can be challenging and dangerous for workers as they climb scaffoldings to reach roofs and other areas. It can also be difficult for the human eye to catch faults or defects. Drones make assessing buildings safer and more effective as they can easily fly to roofs and through small spaces where a defect may be hiding.

2. Reduced safety risks

Job safety is a top priority for construction and engineering firms. Traditionally, surveying a construction site requires planes, cranes, or helicopters plus a staff of data scientists all of which can be potentially dangerous. Not only do drones reduce the safety risk of completing these tasks but they also offer these services at a more competitive rate.

Also, some construction sites are located in high-risk areas where workers can be prone to falls or other dangers. When an inspection or survey needs to be done in a potentially dangerous location, site managers can watch footage from the safety of their offices. Not only does having a drone perform inspections reduce the stress of safety risks, but drones also save time and money that can be used for other equipment.  

3. Improved marketing efforts

Marketing and sales for construction companies require the use of photos and images. Many professional aerial photography companies offer their services at affordable rates and can capture photos and videos of progress that are both finished and in progress. Drones have the ability to capture images from unique angles and highlight some of the sites most important features. The images or videos can then be used on the construction companies website or in other marketing materials. Contractors can also use aerial footage when submitting proposals to show a different perspective to clients.

Drones have become increasingly popular and are used for both recreational and commercial purposes. They are not only being used by beginners, children, and experienced RC hobbyists,  but also by large companies. Construction companies have become no stranger to drone technology and have benefited from using drones to complete construction jobs. As technology becomes more advanced by the day, we can expect many other industries begin to use drones to benefit and improve their workspace.

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