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The Victim

Your Customer

Most of the Financial Institutions and Credit Unions in the US could not tell you how many customers they have and what there average spending amount is because they simply cannot query that data. This means a gap in the relationship you have with your very own customers.

The Hero

Your Organization

Your organization can save the day by taking better care of YOUR customers and helping them with financial products that make sense for their current business or personal need. Data is the ticket.

Bank Organization
The guide

Data in The Cloud

Creating a data hub that brings all of your useful data in one place, from all systems, can guide you to become the HERO that your customers need!

Banking Cloud Computing

Trusted Snowflake Service Provider

We are one of Snowflake's Start-up Partner Programs

Operational efficiency

Creating a DataHub allows you to automate business process (making systems talk to each other)!

Unlock Banking apps

By unbundling data from your core, you can easily integrate off-the-shelf banking products.


Only pay for what you use when leveraging cloud storage services like Snowflake.

Security and compliance

Cloud services guarantee enterprise level security and compliance of your customer data.

Data Hub

All of your data pulled into a central location so you can scale new products alongside customers.

vendor management

Vendor data can integrate to your data cloud via APIs for simple and scalable growth.

A Data COnsortium to detect fraud

We have partnered with SardineX

Take advantage of our real-time fraud data consortium once your data is hosted in the Cloud. We are a strategic member of the SardineX Consortium alongside Visa, Square, Alloy Labs Alliance, and others!


Easy Pricing Plans

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Core Integration

Streamline data from your core provider using our partner integration.

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Scalable Storage

With our cloud partners, storage can scale up or down effortlessley.

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Unbundled Data

Move your data and applications from a single bundled provider.

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Product Foundation

This becomes the new foundation to add and test software products.

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Some of our Favorite Cloud Partners.

We strategically partner with Snowflake to bring you AWS or Azure infrastructure. Don't trust us... just ask your industry!


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