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Forget integration headaches, iDENTIFY seamlessly migrates FiServ core data to Snowflake.

Fiserv to Snowflake Process
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Are you a bank migrating your FiServ Data Cores to Snowflake?

iDENTIFY has collaborated with numerous banks with these migrations. From migrating bank core and channel data, we're here to assist with your long-term goals.

When it comes to iDENTIFY, we prioritize the following:


iDENTIFY employs cutting-edge technology to provide efficient nationwide banking solutions. Our expertise goes beyond traditional solutions, where we provide our clients with peace of mind as it pertains to compliance.


iDENTIFY brings vast experience in delivering unique and scalable banking solutions - successfully migrating numerous banks from traditional systems. We're here to build solutions for your short and long-term goals.


Questions about the cloud? iDENTIFY stays current on the evolving landscape of financial technology so that you don't have to. Aside from our premier support, we prioritize your success as you embrace new technology.

Leverage the power of your bank core data today!

At iDENTIFY, we understand the importance of understanding your customer data. While migrating from FiServ to Snowflake, we offer solutions to this infrastructure that leverage the power of your bank core and channel data. By leveraging Snowflake, you can revolutionize your banking operations and find insights for your customers like never before. Our solutions give you unique reports with seamless access to financial data, which fosters trust and gives them unprecedented control over their finances.

Free up from your core

Integrate into popular CRMs!

At iDENTIFY, we understand the importance of migrating data from your infrastructure to the other departments and the problems that may come with it. With iDENTIFY's unique solutions, we package your data so that it's available to ship to popular CRMs. As you migrate your FiServ data cores to Snowflake, we can package your data into leading CRMs, allowing you to streamline workflows, automate tasks, and boost productivity.

Integrate to CRM

Need help meeting auditing or compliance timelines?

At iDENTIFY, we understand the importance of timelines - especially regarding auditing and compliance. By leveraging Snowflake's data lake, traditional batch systems have become obsolete, and so should the uneasiness that comes with the knock on the door. While providing solutions that adhere to regulations, our premier team manages your Snowflake environment so you can get back to what you enjoy most - your business.

Shipment of Data

Snowflake Select Partner - iDENTIFY

As Snowflake's select partner, we've worked with banks nationwide, like yours, to simplify the FiServ to Snowflake migration.


With iDENTIFY, here are a few things that we’ll provide:

We’re here for you every step of the way

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What our customers say

"iDENTIFY helped our company get through a large data migration. While introducing Tableau and some report automation, our executive team saved countless hours reporting each week."
Stephen Taylor
CIO, Vast.Bank

What is Snowflake?

Snowflake is a cloud-based data-as-a-service solution that utilizes the latest and cutting-edge technology to provide financial institutions and fintech companies with further insights and access to their financial data. Aside from a new infrastructure - which liberates much of the restriction from traditional systems, Snowflake provides comprehensive tools for managing,comprehending, and leveraging data to enable more informed.

Why Snowflake


iDENTIFY, based in Tulsa, OK, offers premier data management solutions for banks, aiming to leverage financial technology in the banking industry. With over a decade of experience providing solutions for banks, iDENTIFY is an elite provider of solutions for data engineering, cloud storage, and data analytics.

At our core, we are problem solvers and innovators who provide our clients with nothing short of exceptional solutions. Aiming to improve banking operations, we leverage our years of experience managing data systems for our clients so they can return to what they love the most-- their business.

Integration as a Service

By leveraging Snowflake's data lake, we empower our clients to seamlessly facilitate bank core and channel data across various platforms and applications. By consolidating data to the cloud, we provide our clients with faster-to-market, which redefines customer expectations. With Snowflake's integration capabilities, we aim to improve efficiency, reduce integration complexities, and develop more avenues of growth in decision-making.

iDENTIFY has helped numerous banks with the following:

  • Identify Verification
  • Financial Wellness
  • Financial Performance 
  • Customer Insights
  • Non-Card Fraud Scoring
  • Personalized Marketing
Why Snowflake
Why Snowflake

Why Snowflake?

Snowflake stands as the premier solution for bank core migrations. With Snowflake, banks can open their core data to provide first-level monitoring for real-time data management, seamless integrations into CRMs, and schema support for banking needs. By migrating from Fiserv to Snowflake, banks have seen significant cost savings while gaining solutions for scalable and effcient data management solutions. Snowflake provides banks with effciency and effectiveness in the banking industry.

Our Solutions

Performance Analytics

iDENTIFY partners with multiple banks to provide valuable insights into their core data. We provide actionable insights that drive informed decision-making by empowering businesses with the infrastructure of migrating FiServ Bank Data Cores to Snowflake. Our high-quality reports are not only scalable, but they provide real-time monitoring in comprehensive reporting. Whether you're tracking key performance indicators or trying to boost operational effciency - our solutions provide the tools to achieve your goals.

Performance Analytics

CRM Integrations

After migrating from FiServ to Snowflake, leverage the power of your banking core with CRM integrations! iDENTIFY understands the unique needs of financial institutions, and our solutions with Snowflake allow banks to connect seamlessly to popular CRMs. It's time to move away from manual data entry and meticulous data transfers and welcome effciency and customer-centricity.

Snowflake CRM Integrations

First-Level Monitoring

Contrary to traditional oversight monitoring, experience the shift to first-level monitoring! Snowflake's infrastructure allows you to find faster insights into your customer data. iDENTIFY has created solutions that keep up with today's fast-paced business landscape, and we recognize the importance of faster-to-market solutions. Our reports empower you to proactively monitor and address data quality and issues at their source, encouraging customer information to remain accurate.

First-Level Monitoring

Power Bi Integrations

Need to visualize your core data to present to shareholders? Find one of our sample dashboards below.

Alternatives to FiServ Banking Cores

iDENTIFY’s wants to ensure that your migration is complete without skipping a beat, we have solutions for the following FiServ banking cores.

Start the migration process today!

Your one-click connection to Snowflake iDENTIFY is here to make this process easy and manageable for your team. With iDENTIFY as your partner; we prioritize the following: FiServ, no tools needed.

Repository of Experience

Several years of experience in providing solutions for banks.

Financial Insight & Reporting

Stay up-to-date with the latest in banking and fintech.

High-Quality Support

Ask questions as you need and we’re here to assist.

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