Data Analytics

Say goodby to rows and columns.

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Visualize the Data

Getting to a Dashboard that Matters.

Convert unknowns about your customers and organization into KNOWNS. Visualizing data is the first step to making strategic decisions to impact your business!
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Ingest from Multiple Sources

Bring data in from your data warehouse or hook directly to external sources to cross-compare measurables.
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Visualize the Result

Humans are visual. Memory is visual. See the results and visualize your success!
iDENTIFY Dashboard

Dashboards Delivered

Our team delivers about 8 Dashboards each month.


Happy Clients

Businesses of ALL sizes become happy clients of ours.


New Friends

We develop strong relationships with our customers through data.

Data Presentation
THe Journey

Discover your Data's Destiny.

Data is the source of truth for all businesses. Can you iDENTIFY the number of customers you have, the number of systems you use to run your business, and the number of processes used daily? Data can. Use that data to automate and focus on solving bigger problems.


From Spreadsheets to Pie Charts

Compliance, Reconciliation, BSA, the list goes on... There are departments in your organization that need the ability to query specific layers of your transactional data to do their job. Rather than having 5+ tools from each Vendor just to review that data, let iDENTIFY bring that data into a single point of access for your organization!

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Piggy Bank

Core & MCIF Data

Understand your account holders and their banking behaviors, product utilization, and spending habits.


Bill Pay & ACH Data

Expose the money movement flowing in and out of your institution while getting insight to external accounts.

Customer Intent

Customer Intent

Your data will become smart. Once Identify has run, we can even predict customer banking intentions.

Credit Card

Card Transactions

Increase non-interest revenue for your bank by personal rewards to customers using your bank card. Currently supporting Visa and MasterCard Issuers.



Enrich your customer data with third party market data such as Bureau information and P$ycle codes.

Custom Data

Custom Views

Activate, enrich and contextualize any custom data assets that address your institution's unique needs.


Some of our Favorite Data Visualization Tools.

We can bring data dashboards to you in your tool of choice. Here are a few of our favorites that we use!


Easy and simple Pricing Plans:


Data Analytics
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Dashboard Design

We need to design a dashboard to display the important data.

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Dashboard Maintenance

We will continue to maintain all dashboards implemented.

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Data Monitoring

Our Dashboards can set up triggers for alerts and events.

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Monthly Reviews

Automate the movement of data between systems.

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Data Analytics

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