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Elevate your bank's data strategy when you migrate your data cores to Snowflake's data lake. iDENTIFY helps banks through risk mitigation with Snowflake.

Fiserv to Snowflake Process
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Having trouble staying up to date on compliance?

Modern financial technology makes keeping up with compliance easy. By migrating your data cores to Snowflake, we have all the documentation necessary when the FDIC issues a consent order.

When it comes to IDENTIFY, we prioritize the following:

With our wealth of knowledge, we can address current and prevalent issues that may arise when the FDIC issues a consent order.

iDENTIFY utilizes Snowflake’s data lake for banks migrating to modern financial technology. Leveraging cloud-based technology, your customer data remains safe and ready to report.

iDENTIFY is a customer-centric agency aimed at creating unique solutions for our clients. With top-tier support and attention to detail, we strive to improve your operational efficiency.

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Compliance Checklist

Traditional batch files are a robust system that's serviced the banking industry for decades. While a reliable system for everyone involved, it's evident that querying customer data may become cumbersome. Snowflake's data lake aims to alleviate unmapped schema when shipping to different software. Alongside faster-to-market capabilities, Snowflake has shown to be a premier solution for sponsor banks.

Find our documentation checklist below:

Project Plan

Internal structure of how data is being processed-- which adheres to KYC guidelines.

Design Requirements

Clearly specified documents on any software implemented solutions.

Test Plan / Results

Documentation on how data is being processed, ensuring that data has been appropriately handled.

Monthly Status / Health Reports

List and documentation of all reports to ensure compliance-- including AML and BSA regulations.


Overall documentation on processes involved with the handling of customer data.


Overall documentation on processes involved with the handling of customer data.

Consent Orders from the FDIC shouldn’t be daunting

iDENTIFY has helped with numerous banks such as yours who have received consent orders or are trying to stay up-to-date with compliance. With iDENTIFY as your partner, we build out your Snowflake account which mitigates risk with traditional batch systems.

Find how banks are leveraging Snowflake below:

Enhanced Data Security and Compliance

Snowflake's robust security features, including always-on encryption and comprehensive compliance certifications, ensure that banks can manage sensitive financial data securely, meeting strict regulatory requirements.

Free up from your core

Real-time Data Analytics

Leverage Snowflake's ability to handle high-speed data ingestion and real-time analytics to gain immediate insights from transactional data, enhancing decision-making processes and customer service.

Integrate to CRM

Streamlined Regulatory Reporting

Simplify the process of regulatory reporting with Snowflake's capabilities to handle large datasets effciently and perform complex queries quickly, ensuring compliance with financial regulations.

Shipment of Data

What is Snowflake?

Snowflake is a cloud-based data-as-a-service solution that utilizes the latest and cutting-edge technology to provide financial institutions and fintech companies with further insights and access to their financial data. Aside from a new infrastructure - which liberates much of the restriction from traditional systems, Snowflake provides comprehensive tools for managing,comprehending, and leveraging data to enable more informed.

Why Snowflake

Why Snowflake?

Snowflake stands as the premier solution for bank core migrations. With Snowflake, banks can open their core data to provide first-level monitoring for real-time data management, seamless integrations into CRMs, and schema support for banking needs. By migrating from Fiserv to Snowflake, banks have seen significant cost savings while gaining solutions for scalable and effcient data management solutions. Snowflake provides banks with effciency and effectiveness in the banking industry.

Get help with compliance today!

IDENTIFY makes meeting compliance deadlines and pressure from regla- tors easier. Aside from securing your data, we prioritize the following:

Repository of Experience

Several years of experience in providing solutions for banks.

Financial Insight & Reporting

Stay up-to-date with the latest in banking and fintech.

High-Quality Support

Ask questions as you need and we’re here to assist.

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