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In the somewhat ruthless and unforgiving world of SEO and Digital Marketing, the difference between a decent strategy and an excellent one is significant. Many companies have a “decent” strategy, they might be doing well with their back-linking but exhibit mediocre domain authority, or maybe their page authority is just “okay” but they’re slaying their social strategy. There are so many different aspects of SEO that, ultimately, come together to rank a website well, and even then, SEO is still only a piece of the larger digital marketing puzzle. So, clearly, the gap between just being decent and heading the game is vast.

The Rug Fashion Store, a rug and home decor company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, aims to help people create the perfect canvas on which to design their dream space and express themselves. They offer a large selection of area rugs and different types of home decor, and their website has become not only the basis for a significant percentage of their sales, but also a place for budding home decorators and design enthusiasts to find useful information. Good content marketing takes pride in their website, which is clean and easy to navigate.

Amongst the eCommerce, flashes of signature hot pink, and an impressive online catalog for every size and style of rug you could ever dream of, is their equally approachable blog. Currently, the site is ranking first for the search term “area rugs Tulsa”, which is directly improving their order quantity. Since Rug Fashion Store’s primary sales focus is area rugs to suit all types of decor, their website heavily emphasizes blogs that revolve around choosing the perfect area rug, as well as more generalized home decor topics. These blogs are informative as well as engaging to read, and a large part of their SEO initiative is based in quality and quantity of internal-linking. When iDENTIFY first got involved with Rug Fashion Store’s digital marketing, they had a good baseline to start from, but that all important gap between adequate and top-quality SEO still needed to be filled.

Rug Fashion Store clicks per month December 2019 - September 2020

Prior to iDENTIFY’s hand in Rug Fashion Store’s marketing initiative, they were ranking low in search results, particularly in regards to their social and back-linking strategies. But there was certainly room for improvement to move them up the SEO ladder and close the margin between decent and excellent. Ultimately, a deep-dive into their current strategy uncovered a few potential options when it came to implementing an improved marketing scheme. Some of iDENTIFY’s preliminary efforts to deep-dive into their SEO and marketing initiatives revealed early on which road would lead them to better rankings, and thus, better ROI. It became quickly apparent that email marketing wasn’t the way forward, since the Rug Fashion Store could really only give 10% discounts to first-time customers, the time spent preparing email campaigns was better used elsewhere.

That elsewhere was clearly improving their SEO, primarily through their blog. It became apparent that the best strategy for higher ranking came down to tweaking the content and keywords utilized in their blog posts. Some more deep diving was necessary to uncover the best ways to do this, and with a little help from KWfinder and Yoast, areas for improvement and opportunities for growth began to reveal themselves.

Thankfully, Rug Fashion Store’s already decent strategy gave a good starting point for carving a fairly straightforward path to improvement. The gradual growth would come mostly from fixing the technical SEO structure, but other than that, it was really just good-quality conventional blogging. Some additional support for the overseas web team, guiding them through any arising issues and providing insights and troubleshooting, began to show a slow but steady point increase in domain and page authority.

Additional deep-diving and keyword research began to uncover some more interesting indications. The most successful posts on the Rug Fashion Store’s blog were those that were completely unique. Those with distinctive features, such as picture-filled guides or those with unique development functions, were ranking much higher than the more “run of the mill” style posts. This gave a critical insight when it comes to front-end development, insinuating that the best strategy for Rug Fashion Store is to continue the inclusion of these unique development functions in each weekly post.

Rug Fashion Store October Google Search Performance

At the end of the day, the Rug Fashion Store didn’t start out at the bottom of the SEO heap. They had plenty of good things going for them, but also room for improvement. By understanding the ins and outs of the company, their consumers, and the best ways to pull in new leads, iDENTIFY successfully closed that critical gap between decent and excellent SEO, ranking Rug Fashion Store higher than ever before.

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