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How we saved a staffing agency $36,000 in 3 hours

One of our-longest standing clients is a blue-collar staffing agency based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma called Stand-by Personnel. We started working with them after another marketing agency burned them on their website. Lo and behold, iDENTIFY comes in to save the day!

We took over their Website, Google Ads, Google Maps, Email Campaigns, and Marketing Videos. Within six months we had Stand-By Personnel back on their feet. After this, we dove deeper into the data behind their marketing efforts.

As you can imagine, most staffing agencies spend a HUGE portion of their monthly budget on recruiting tools such as: LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster,, Glassdoor, etc. This is not only how they recruit so many candidates for jobs but also how they link up with customers. These tools collect invaluable user interaction data. In addition to the standard recruiting tools, we had access to their website and all of the marketing efforts to drive traffic to the in-house application hosted on their domain.

What does all of this mean?

All of the above provided key ingredients to help us figure out the TRUE amount they spend to acquire a candidate. The only thing missing was the monthly budget data for each marketing platform.

Within 3 hours of work, the iDENTIFY team built a single page ROI chart that connected financial spend across all marketing platforms. In the same chart, we also populated all of the application and job offer data. This revealed an exact “cost per referral” per platform. Right away we identified one unnamed tool that was costing them roughly $3,000 per referral every month!. Spread this out over a 12-month contract and that’s $36,000!!

Stand-By Personnel Tableau Data

After showing this to the Client, they immediately decided to cut that contract and shift the budget towards one of the more successful platforms. Another quick win for the iDENTIFY team!

What did we do:

  • Helped client migrate from local file sharing to a cloud platform for their financial spend data.
  • Cleaned up online application through back-end system to better collect data from job applications and referrals.
  • Created Tableau Prep flows to clean and combine diversely formatted referral, spend, and ad count data files
  • Created Tableau Dashboard to visualize data coming from the financial spend and the applications/referrals

iDENTIFY specializes in website development projects. We have helped companies around the world build their websites, improve and optimize their search engine optimization, while launching their digital marketing campaigns through pay per click advertising.

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