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Client of the Month: Greenlight-360

GreenLight 360 is paving new paths for the architecture and construction industries. GreenLight 360 has designed a new process for collecting data around as-built structures. Though GreenLight 360 has only been around for a little over 2 years, they have developed strong customer relationships with some of the largest architecture firms in the state of Oklahoma. GreenLight 360 uses state of the art lasers and drones to scan the interior and exterior of existing builds to ultimately save architects and construction company’s time and money when developing plans to reconstruct an existing building.

We started working with Greenlight about 2 years ago. At the time we were diving into our capabilities with Drones and after meeting them, we decided there was a good fit to test this technology. Since then, we have done countless scans to help improve the way that architect’s work. See below for a few examples!

South Tulsa Luxury Offices

Brady Street Building Exterior

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