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Client of the Month: Coney Island Hot Weiner Shop


Coney Island Hot Weiner Shop has more history than any of our clients! Starting over 65 years ago with their shop in Downtown Tulsa, Coney Island has become a staple of Tulsa living. The business is now growing, and they have opened their 2nd franchise location in Rockwall, Texas. From the classic Coney to their amazing chili, Coney Island is committed to having the best of quality for all their food to keep the Tulsa tradition thriving in Texas.

Aerovision was brought on board by Coney Island to help grow their digital presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Maps. Since starting with Coney Island, we have seen a 20-30% increase in their online engagement. Have a look below to see some of the accounts that we are currently operating for the iconic franchise:

Coney Island Facebook Page

Coney Island Instagram Account

Coney Island Google Business

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