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Keyrenter Property Management (Keyrenter) enlisted AeroVision to help them turn their data into actionable items. With our team developing their profit and scorecard dashboards they were able to adhere to the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) model and do just that!


Data Visualization, Data Transformation


Power BI, Power Query, Google Sheets

Keyrenter TulsaKeyrenter Tulsa

The Process

Keyrenter Property Management (Keyrenter) follows the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) model. As such, they use scorecards and objective data to measure the progress and health of their business. Prior to working with AeroVision, Keyrenter monitored their scorecard and profit by painstakingly studying spreadsheets.

AeroVision developed profit and scorecard dashboards to allow Keyrenter to adhere to the EOS approach to data with ease. These dashboards helped management turn their data into actionable items. It also helped personnel understand the company’s aspirations, understand their role in achieving those goals, and be accountable for their individual growth. By partnering with AeroVision to create meaningful reports, Keyrenter has streamlined tracking progress and troubleshooting potential problems to ensure success.

After discussing Keyrenter’s goals and their approach, we wanted to ensure those principles were incorporated and evident in their product. Thus, we curated each element to concisely expose the actual versus goal numbers and filter by date.

We began by connecting our PowerBI dashboard to Google Sheets. Power Query was used to clean and handle inconsistency in the input data.

Keyrenter Tulsa
Keyrenter Tulsa

The Goal

Our goal was to expose their captured data in a comprehensible dashboard so they could quickly see if their metrics were improving and drill into areas that needed attention.

The End

We effectively curated an EOS-based project. We bisected the project into segments that would coincide to illuminate insights into Leadership and Profit & Loss.

Scorecard: Leadership Team – broken down into parts, this dashboard covers views from three angles:

  • leadership as a whole
  • manager rankings
  • each individual manager

Profit & Loss – filterable by time and location, this dashboard shows overall profit and which accounts are impacting it the most. Accounts are ranked by impact, and the shifting of their ranks can be easily seen over time.

We created an impactful dashboard that aligns with Keyrenter’s CORE Values. Instead of mulling over spreadsheets, Keyrenter, can focus on being a “Relationships First” company. They can now dive deeply into their data to unify “Together as a Team” and “Never Settle”, so they can always “Do the Right Thing, Period” and become “The Real Deal” they strive to be.

Keyrenter Tulsa

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