Data Visualization


Aerovision built lightweight reports in Power BI (PBI) that display the company’s revenue, margin, and other financial metrics to show trends in growth and efficiency.


Report Development and Administration


Power BI, SharePoint


LABR is an app-based, on-demand workforce service that matches reliable, local workers looking to earn on their schedules with a range of local and enterprise clients that need to scale operations for events and large jobs.

Their industry reach includes construction & restoration, hospitality, event managers & venues, local movers, retail stores, warehouse & distribution centers, campaigns, general office, and home services.


LABR required an on-premise gateway to connect Power BI to their database. This is common for marketplace platforms like LABR: often data sources live behind firewalls or require drivers not installed on the PBI service. LABR opted to use personal gateways, instead of obtaining cloud infrastructure to support a company gateway.

AeroVision developed a self-contained PBI to answer KPI-realted questions in just a few clicks:

  • What is our trending profit across various time horizons, and are we growing the core business?
  • What causes margin to dip or spike during certain periods, and can we infer business model headings?
  • How is each of our users - both clients and workers - providing contribution margin that the business can align to key growth initiatives?
  • How quickly are we onboarding new workers and customers, and how is our CAC:LTV trending?


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