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Our efforts with Idea Ranch helped them eliminate between 15 and 20 hours of manual monthly reporting.


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Google BigQuery, Rivery

Idea RanchIdea Ranch

The Process

Idea Ranch is an advertising and public relations company that is changing the industry using an innovative and out of the box approach. They base their business model on seven unique core values that bring a refreshing new culture to advertising and PR. Idea Ranch is proud of its heartland roots, building trusting relationships with its audience through similarities and connections. They stand behind the missions and values of the people whose stories they serve to further, and Aerovision stands behind Idea Ranch.

Aerovision first started working with Idea Ranch in August of 2019, working alongside them consistently until that October. They then continued to offer their support for the project until February of 2020.

Idea Ranch
Idea Ranch

The Goal

Aerovision provided Idea Ranch with several different services that helped their development and changing brand. Idea Ranch first approached Aerovision for assistance because they were rapidly reaching the limits of their current data, which was preventing them from growing and succeeding. Aerovision quickly got to work, creating an alternate data source at a relatively low cost. First, they built a marketing data warehouse using Google BigQuery, allowing them to fully manage and analyze their essential marketing data. This new data warehouse was significantly more comprehensive than the one that Idea Ranch was previously utilizing. They also used Rivery to build ETL pipelines from sources that included Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Ads, YouTube, and SurveyGizmo.

The End

The major priority with these projects is to streamline various internal projects. Reducing the amount of time the team spends doing tedious and redundant tasks gives them more time to analyze reports, develop strategy, and test new methods. Manual reporting was taking up a significant amount of Idea Ranch's manual work hours. Our efforts helped them eliminate between 15 and 20 hours of manual reporting each month.

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Idea Ranch

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