Frequently Asked Questions


With more than 100 happy clients, we are open to sharing experiences!

How do I know this really works?

Well, to be quite frank, you don't. But do you know that this works with any other firm of your choosing? NOPE. Your best bet is to trust your gut and look at all the other amazing projects we have delivered for our 100+ other Clients just like you.

I don't know if this is a good investment (and/or I have the money to spare)

Any investment into your business is a good investment. Likely, if you are contacting us, then you are seeking to expand your digital presence, automate some business processes, or even build applications on top of your data to help you save time - all of which are GREAT investments for your business.

I'm not sure if I can trust you with my money?

Sure you can. We aren't off on beaches partying everyday. Your money will be used effectively to ensure you get more than what you pay for. We under promise and always over deliver. Also, check our newsletters page to see some of the amazing investments we make in our local community non-profits.

What do other people think about this offer?

Other people have loved working with us and all agree that our pricing is very competitive. Please feel free to reach out to any of our existing or previous customers, we encourage it.

I worry about sharing this information online (or another privacy concern).

No need to worry. We will make sure that any private information you give us will never be available and accessible by the public online unless you give us permission. Anything we ever work on for our Clients is always reviewed by the Client before publishing online. All third-parties that we use to handle data, such as Snowflake, are covered by SOC2, PII, and PCI compliance standards.

Data Analytics

How does pricing work?

Please check our PRICING page to see hourly pricing for data engineering, consulting, and analytics. Most dashboards are built between $3,000-$5,000 and are maintained for a minimum of $2,500/month. We offer monthly bock rates for development to give price breaks for customers that have larger project requirements.

What Data Visualization Tools do you use?

Are favorite tools are Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, and Tibco Spotfire... but we have experience using Lookr, Qlik, Domo, and many others!

How long does it take?

Great question. This varies widely based on the size architecture and data that is readily available to go into a dashboard. We always recommend a proof of concept dashboard sitting on top of an excel file or CSV to help test the design first. This can be accomplished for $5,000 or less.

Data Engineering

What all do you guys do with Data?

Our simple answer: Everything. Our team is well equipped to help configure and establish most cloud based environments from Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and even SAP HANA. We can also help move data from any older system that may be local to your new cloud platform. Our experts are very experienced with the extraction and transformation layers to ensure quality is kept along the way. Once the data has moved we then use tools like Tableau, PowerBI, Jaspersoft, and Spotfire to help visualize your data in various reports.

What does this cost?

Please check our PRICING page to see hourly pricing for data engineering, consulting, and analytics. Most projects will need quite a bit of time doing analysis and research before we can fully develop a quote for a fixed cost project. We usually split projects between fixed cost billing and a Time and Materials option. Our average banking client spends $15,000 per month to connect multiple data sources to a data warehouse, manipulate data within the warehouse, and visualize data to 10+ dashboards.

How do you keep our data safe?

Safety is number one. We will make sure ALL legal documents are signed and in place before accessing any data. You may view any of our companies business continuity or privacy policy documents as you wish. We will also work closely with anyone in your company that handles IT security to make sure that we are following your company guidelines as well.