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iDENTIFY technology grows with you. The more data you provide, the faster our tool can analyze and grow your banks transactional volume. Take action TODAY and don't miss a day of opportunity.
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Your bank is sitting on a gold mine of transactional data from your customers, processors, and fintech programs. The question is, can you even access it?

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Free Your Data

From Fintechs to Processors

Compliance, Reconciliation, BSA, the list goes on... There are departments in your organization that need the ability to query specific layers of your transactional data to do their job. Rather than having 5+ tools from each Vendor just to review that data, let iDENTIFY bring that data into a single point of access for your organization!

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Piggy Bank

Core & MCIF Data

Understand your account holders and their banking behaviors, product utilization, and spending habits.


Bill Pay & ACH Data

Expose the money movement flowing in and out of your institution while getting insight to external accounts.

Customer Intent

Customer Intent

Your data will become smart. Once Identify has run, we can even predict customer banking intentions.

Credit Card

Card Transactions

Increase non-interest revenue for your bank by personal rewards to customers using your bank card. Currently supporting Visa and MasterCard Issuers.



Enrich your customer data with third party market data such as Bureau information and P$ycle codes.

Custom Data

Custom Views

Activate, enrich and contextualize any custom data assets that address your institution's unique needs.

Transactions Become Visual with iDENTIFY+

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Fintech Performance Reports

Pre-built dashboard reports that help monitor important performance indicators for your fintech programs.
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Automated Reconciliation

Automate the Reconciliation process with a single point of view for ALL the processor data inbound from your fintech programs.
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Improved Data Access

A result of cleaned and normalized data to a model that fits the use cases of your OWN financial institution.
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Our Products


With iDENTIFY, your Financial Institute and Credit Union can now remove a layer of friction for your fintech programs. With iDENTIFY+, you will be able to automate program management by having forecasted fintech program performance insights, structured data models to query, and reconciliation overhead removed.



iDENTIFY enables banks to bring in raw data from their fintech programs and processors into a staged and normalized environment for easy access. The bank can then query data for any use-case or requirement.

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Identify Plus

iDENTIFY+ goes even deeper with the transactional data collected from the processors by automating reconciliation and monitoring performance metrics of the fintech programs the bank sponsors.

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Getting to a Data Model That Matters

Convert obscure transaction data into actionable insights that improve customer experience, drive innovation and reduce organizational costs.
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Ingest from Multiple Processors

Point to as many processors as you want. Galileo, FIS, I2C, Marqeta, etc... iDENTIFY can bring all the data in.
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Stage and Normalize

Once processor data has been hooked up, iDENTIFY will stage the data in an environment that allows for easy queries.
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Automate Data Usage

Automate the data into standard usage from reconciliation to compliance.
iDENTIFY Data Model
Our Beta Program

Join the team of banks helping iDENTIFY grow.

For ambitious banks around the world, iDENTIFY is looking to partner! The product is in Beta Development and iDENTIFY needs your help. Join the Beta Program today and iDENTIFY will customize the product to best meet the needs of your institution.
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Transactions analyzed for iDENTIFY clients.
$5M Dollars +
Monthly spend viewed in iDENTIFY.
$80k +
Increase in non-interest revenue.

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iDENTIFY technology grows with you. The more data you provide, the faster the iDENTIFY tool can normalize a standard data model. Take action TODAY and don't spend any more overhead on manual operations.
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