iDENTIFY Sponsors The Tulsa Creator Hackathon

Along with other local companies, iDENTIFY was very glad to be a part of the first ever Tulsa Creator Hackathon hosted by CLLCTVE and Holberton School Tulsa.

As you may have read on our previous blog post, Lee Easton, iDENTIFY's President loves supporting charities and events that inspire and develop knowledge, advocate schools and children, and promote growth in the finance and tech sector, doing whatever he can to support the growing development community of Tulsa.

The Tulsa Creator Hackathon aims to challenge a team's innovative, creative, and technical side by giving them the task of creating ideas and solutions that could aid in the further development of Tulsa's local creators. They invited hackers, creators, makers, and coders to converge to solve problems, create new tools and push the boundaries of existing tech across the autonomous work industry.

This was held at Holberton School here in Downtown, Tulsa last April 15th-16th, 2022. The Holberton School launched in January of 2020 as part of a global network of software engineering schools on five continents.

Holberton School partnered with CLLCTVE, which is the portfolio platform connecting creators to provide an opportunity for local freelancers to create and add to their portfolios, collaborate with like-minded individuals and connect with local brands and community partners for future job opportunities.

Find out more about Holberton School Tulsa and CLLCTVE.

*Special thanks to Libby Ediger, Executive Director at Holberton Tulsa and Kaila Mathis from CLLCTVE for the photos in this post.

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