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On the daily, iDENTIFY builds websites and databases for our clients. This gives us a sense of fulfillment and purpose. Being able to do our duty keeps us motivated and inspired to be better each day. Tulsa, Oklahoma is iDENTIFY’s birthplace and we feel very blessed by how many opportunities the community has opened up for us. We believe that giving back to the community is one of the ways we can show our appreciation.

iDENTIFY’s President, Lee Easton was born and raised in Tulsa. Driving around the city and through Midtown, Lee saw Little Light House’s campus and became interested in their advocacy. Little Light House is a Christian Developmental Center providing tuition-free educational and therapeutic services for children with special needs.

April 2019 | The Little Light House Garden Party | Cox Business Convention Center

Little Light House’s Story
In 1972, two young mothers, Marcia Mitchell and Sheryl Poole discovered there were no early intervention services available for their daughters who were both born with visual impairments. Believing God for a 20th-century miracle, they took a great leap of faith and co-founded the Little Light House. Marcia chronicled the inspirational The story of Little Light House in her book Milestones & Miracles. Marcia Mitchell served as the first Executive Director of Little Light House and remained in that capacity for more than 40 years. During that time, she was unwavering in her commitment to operating by Biblical Principles. In her second book, God’s Work- God’s Way, she documents those Biblical principles that continue to guide Little Light House. Thanks to her, the heartbeat of Little Light House has always been to glorify God in all we do.*
April 10, 2021 | Mr. Lee Easton and Mrs. Jordan Plummer-Easton | The Little Light House Garden Party | Cox Business Convention Center

Lee began donating to Little Light House when he started running the company full time back in 2019. When asked about what made him decide to give to Little Light House, he said “I’ve got a place in my heart for the kids that weren’t born with some of the privileges that we commonly take for granted. With Little Light House, those kids still have a chance at becoming someone and it starts at a young age! It is a very expensive program to educate a child with Special Needs and Little Light House deserves all of the support that they can get. We are just honored to be a part of something much bigger than us.”

If you want to learn more about Little Light House and how you can help them provide free resources and empowerment to children with special needs and their families, click the links below.

“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” - Robin Sharma

Attend Little Light House's The Garden Party 2022

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