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Jamie Villagracia

Jamie excels in virtual assistance, social media, design, writing, & more. Worked with Nourishing Brands (Inc. 5000) & Straight Up Wellness.

Jamie Villagracia

Jamie is currently located in the Philippines. She graduated from Jose Rizal University with a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing. She is also a Registered Nurse under the Professional Regulation Commission. Jamie is a wife and a mom of two. Her hobbies include gardening, drawing, painting, and watching anime, K-dramas, true crime and royal family documentaries. She is also a Swiftie since high school and likes Shikamaru Nara of Naruto.

Her online freelancing career started back in 2013 with Lee as her first client. Jamie helped Lee in managing his businesses including ModernBlox, Tulsa Brewery Tours, and AeroVision.

Since then she has worked with several clients including Nourishing Brands which ranked 230 in Inc5000 for 2020. She designed almost all their cookbooks, meal plans, and social media images. She has also worked for Straight Up Wellness editing Kate Jaramillo's podcast episodes.

She also has experience in data entry, web research, virtual assistance, social media management, cookbook design, eBook and Kindle publishing, podcasts, transcription, newsletter, project management, and many more.

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