iDENTIFY in the Community: Notes from the Fintech Retreat 2023

With financial technology revolutionizing modern-day operations, the Fintech Retreat is an event for thought leaders, innovators, and disruptors to gather and shape the landscape of fintech. Along the Pacific Ocean, amidst the Golden Gate Bridge-- this event captivates the community with the backdrop of San Francisco. iDENTIFY's president, Lee Easton pushes the iDENTIFY brand further as he ventures to the event. 

Going into the Fintech Retreat

For iDENTIFY, a Tulsa-based fintech agency - we resonate with the Fintech Retreat as it strongly aligns with financial technology. While focusing on banking data accessibility and usability, this retreat helps further our interests as it brings together open collaboration and pushes the bounds of innovation. From unparalleled discussions to share expertise, open collaboration to learn from peers, and the opportunity to foster partnerships, this event stands to captivate the community from the West Coast. 

Our team members are passionate about providing solutions for the banking industry, so we understand that financial technologies span an even wider variety. But we also know that the work that we're doing is contributing to shaping the landscape of fintech as a whole. 

Fintech Retreat 2023

The retreat schedule discusses the prevalent issues and/or opportunities in fintech. From problems the industry faces to financial trends, conversations were also made about payment systems and regulatory matters. iDENTIFY's involvement in the retreat showcases our commitment to navigating the banking/financial industry and how we - as a company- have also worked to resolve issues that have become of higher concern. Lee's participation in the event gave insights into our solutions in data engineering, cloud storage, and our vast expertise in data analytics. Among other similar leaders in the financial technology industry, Lee stands as a leader among like-minded individuals. Here's what Lee has to say about the event:

[Lee Easton, President, iDENTIFY] - This has been a great opportunity for me to connect with some of the Fintech friends that live in the Bay Area. There’s a lot happening in Fintech around the world, but the Bay area is the historical hub. Not to mention the venue is in one of the most beautiful locations near the Golden Gate Bridge. I wish all conferences were in a setting like this!

Taking insights moving forward

With the two days of the retreat, the impact goes far past the retreat and into our daily operations. For iDENTIFY, the experience showcases iDENTIFY's involvement in the community and is a testament to how our work is shaping financial technology as a whole. As new ideas emerge, potential partnerships are formed, and a deeper network is built, iDENTIFY continues to develop our presence in the community and further increase our collaboration in shaping the landscape of financial technology. 

From Lee's involvement with other events - such as the Acquire or Be Acquired 2024, follow our blog to see how we at iDENTIFY are shaping the future of financial technology. 

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