iDENTIFY in the Community: A Closer Look into "Acquire or Be Acquired 2024"

With emerging technology in the fintech industry, keeping up with the trends, insights, and strategies is not only recommended but also essential. iDENTIFY's President - Lee Easton, represented fintech by attending the "Acquired or Be Acquired 2024" conference, an event for leaders in the banking industry. 

Acquire or Be Acquired 2024 - Stair Decorations
Acquire or Be Acquired 30th Anniversary

Accumulation of Leaders in the Banking Industry

The Acquire or Be Acquired 2024 event has long been influential for bank CEOs, board members, and the financial industry's decision-makers. With such a wide variety of professionals, plenty of insights were shared regarding financial growth strategies, mergers, and how fintech is leveraging technology for banks nationwide. This year has been no short of exceptional as we move forward into 2024 and create more solutions for banks nationwide. 

Lee's attendance at this event was not only about showing iDENTIFY's presence in the banking industry but also about engaging with the community as we shape the landscape of banking. Over three days of sessions, workshops, and keynotes, the conference was packed with innovative ideas and progressive thinking that not only helps competitive advantage in the fintech industry but also provides our end goal of helping our customers with unique and invaluable solutions. 

Lee Easton at the Acquire or Be Acquired 2024 Conference
Lee at the Acquire or Be Acquired 2024 Conference

[Lee Easton, President, iDENTIFY] - Overall this was one of the best conferences I have attended. As a vendor in the Cloud Data Space, it's great to meet directly with the executives and decision makers at banks. I'm able to get a sense at the overall direction banks are going when I can be around leadership and understand their needs.

Whether the conversations happened outside of the breakout sessions, in the breakfast hall, or during an evening reception with cocktails, I had hears too many bankers talking about challenges with their core infrastructure. So many of them were expressing desires for automation and advanced reporting in which they knew the solution lies within cloud data hubs. This was extremely fruitful for my business to hear a lot of bank leaders finally discuss the importance and TRUST of cloud data platforms.

This was my first time at AOBA and it won't be my last. I made many good connections while there and the conversations in all the random places have helped my business direction for 2024.

Key Points

Among the network of esteemed individuals, a couple of key themes resonated with us at iDENTIFY. They are as follows: 

Leveraging Technology for Strategy

At the core of our fintech agency, iDENTIFY stands as problem solvers and innovators. As we integrate technology for our clients, we hope to deliver more than value but to inspire a new type of thinking. With the multitude of solutions that we've provided over the years, we look to improve operational efficiency, which, in turn, redefines customer experiences. By implementing this modern thinking, we can open new avenues for growth. With our products, such as the Fintech Map and iDENTIFY AI, our insights into AI and machine learning align perfectly with the banking industry. 

Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management

As regulations become an increasingly complex topic, the keynotes and community have grown to resolve issues as they pertain to compliance and risk management. By partnering with NContracts, we hope to keep our clients peace of mind as we grow in providing solutions for banks. Not only do we push for unique solutions for banks, but we also look to keep compliance and risk management in mind. 

Acquire or Be Acquired 2024' - Focus Bank Case Study
Acquire or Be Acquired 2024 - Focus Bank Case Study

Networking Opportunities

Amidst the growing landscape of the banking industry, another big takeaway of the event is the network that the conference provided. Lee engaged in insightful discussions, sharing insights into how we've provided the banking industry with solutions that leveraged modern financial technology. These conversations have sown the seeds for potential opportunities and improving financial technology as a whole. 

Financial Technology and Banking

As we wrap up the key insights and takeaways from the Acquire or Be Acquired 2024 conference, it's evident that the path ahead lies in innovation, strategic growth, and the indomitable vision of excellence for the industry and our clients alike. Lee's participation in this event is a testament to how we revolutionize the financial sector and how we are collaborators in simliarily shaping the banking industry's future. 

Stay updated on our blog for the latest news and insights and how we at iDENTIFY are shaping financial technology as our clients pivot into modern technology. 

Acquire or Be Acquired 2024 Decorations
Acquire or Be Acquired 2024
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