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the root coworking

The root coworking is Tulsa's latest and greatest Coworking space. We were excited to hear that they were opening in late 2019 and we were even more excited to hear that they needed help with their front and back end website.


Website Development and SEO


Wordpress, Woocommerce, Elementor

the root coworkingthe root coworking

The Process

Breaking down this website into front end and back end was very important to do in the beginning. The front end of the site was built in Wordpress using Elementor by a previous website firm. This posed a challenge as we did not have a lot of options around customizing the previous website.

The back end platform is built out using a unique coworking service platform called Nexudus. Nexudus is in a niche of helping coworking spaces with a web interface for booking meeting rooms, scheduling tours, handling membership accounts, etc. We had to learn the Nexudus platform within a week so that we could dive in and clean-up some of the existing web pages built in the platform.

the root coworking
the root coworking

The Challenge

This was not our first website that we had to take over from a previous website agency. We have done this for a number of clients and it is becoming more common as we grow. The challenge when doing so is that our Clients have already spent quite a bit of money to get a functioning website up and they don't have a lot of budget left for us to do a clean-up or review.

In most cases we need to fully audit the website for any problems in the CMS or code that it was built on. Based on the status of the site we may be able to easily fix and clean-up any design bugs. We usually update any plugins that might be installed to keep the site functioning.

Ideally we get the opportunity to do a new build from scratch but it almost always poses a budgetary challenge so we make our best efforts to provide a thorough clean-up of the existing website.

The End

The site is now live at: - feel free to go check it out and shoot us some feedback! Here is a rough list of all improvements and updates we did to the site:

  • Added a navigation bar to the top of the page, was formerly on the left side
  • Added all necessary pages that were living on the back end and built them out on the front end (Tour, Memberships, Contact, etc.)
  • Added a WooCommerce plugin and store front to sell online merchandise
  • Did a full SEO audit and clean-up on the site to reduce image sizes, add meta-descriptions, capture data in Google Search Console, and optimize CSS/HTML/text for mobile usability score
the root coworking

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