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Project management apps have become a staple for every company. There are plenty on the market right now and mostly all are focused on just getting the task done. Perflo wants to improve the way people work through their app by helping project teams be more aligned, productive, and increase their project success rates. Perflo is the first project team performance analytics tool, helping project leaders increase project success with actionable insights when it matters most.


Single Page Application, RESTful API


node.js, React.js, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, AWS


The Process

Perflo integrates with the tools project teams use on a daily basis to automate feedback loops, foster alignment, and provide project leads with the insights they need to run high-performing teams. Their mission is to help project teams be more aligned, productive and increase their project success rates.

Communication is key in any project that is why we consistently converse through a private channel to set daily tasks, plan our goals, and create solutions. We are using an agile approach for feature development based on weekly sprints and regular team meetings.


The Goal

Perflo is a team collaboration app to make it efficient to manage the project management by using various technologies. Our primary focus is to get this app to the next level and make it ready for market launch and this involves streamlining some processes, fixing minor bugs and enhancing overall UI/UX using the app.

The End

The project is ongoing.


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