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Our goal was to help the executive team at automate reports in each department. We were essential in bringing on Tableau to the company while educating some power users on their team. Our visualizations saved endless hours of time and money spent on working reports for the bank.


Data Visualization, Data Engineering, and Project Management


Tableau Prep, Tableau, SAP HANA, Hubspot

The Process

Developing thorough reporting dashboards for an entire executive team isn't a walk in the park. We were fortunate enough to partner with the CIO at to better understand the needs of the Sales, Marketing and Financial departments. We performed a 3 week "research & analysis" to review all of's existing reports and processes.

The review taught us a lot of things. We learned the value of gathering requirements from all stakeholders over the course of 3 weeks prior to developing any kind of proposal just to gain as much clarity and insight as possible.

The Goal

Our goal was to help reduce as much time as possible that the executive team at spends on reporting. We calculated during our analysis that each executive team member was spending an average of 2-4 hours a week in various spreadsheets and reporting tools that could easily be consolidated via Tableau. This lead to a breakdown of our scope:

  • Tableau Dashboards for Meed to display marketing efforts with total numbers for customer accounts opened/closed
  • Tableau Dashboards for the Sales Team to track and monitor each member on a competitive leaderboard
  • Tableau Dashboards for the Finance Team to integrate forecasted financial data from HubSpot with the actual finance data in their core

The End

Our Projects were a HUGE success. We were able to build out over 30 Data Visualization Dashboards in Tableau for Our team got their hands dirty working with SAP HANA to structure, extract, and transform as much of the necessary data as possible to create an updated data stream into the reports for each department.

Unfortunately all of the data visualizations built out for are confidential so you'll have to use your imagination to picture some of the amazing work we delivered for their team!

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