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Our team knocked it out of the park with this Full Stack Development project, and quite frankly, we are still knocking it out of the park today as you read this very article.


Full Stack Development


Google Cloud Platform, Navvis, SQL


The Process

GreenLight-360 is an architecture and scanning company based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma and owned by SGA Design Group. They service large commercial retailers with architectural services using state of the art technology.

They reached out to us mid-2019 with a data related challenge. At the time, all of the scanning data from their projects was being stored on some local servers in their office. With Client's like Wal-Mart, this posed a large issue with access and security. They knew that they needed to move to a Cloud platform and knew that Amazon would not be an option (major competitor of Wal-Mart).


The End

We were tasked with 3 major things:

  • Build out Google Cloud Platform and migrate existing data
  • Build a user interface for existing clients to add/navigate/manage architectural data
  • Develop a programmable interface between the user interface and the Navvis platform for 3D models

We successfully completed the project in 3 months and had the client up and working with an online tool that would allow GreenLight-360 and all of their Client's to view and manage data related to their construction and architecture projects. This has been a huge time saver for them while also allowing them to fit compliance for a lot of the big block retailers they service.

Currently we are still working with this client on support and server optimization to better integrate Navvis as a visualization tool that is embedded into the user interface portal for GreenLight-360.


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