Visa Payments Forums 2024: iDENTIFY in the Community

Event Overview

On May 14-16, 2024, iDENTIFY was represented at the San Francisco, California Visa Payments Forum. Hosted at the San Francisco Convention Center, this event brought together payment industry leaders to discuss the latest trends, innovations, and future directions in the payments ecosystem. The forum was a prime opportunity for professionals to network, share insights, and explore advancements shaping the future of payments.

Our Participation

Lee Easton, President, actively engaged in various sessions and networking opportunities throughout the event. Attending the Visa Payments Forum allowed us to connect with industry leaders, gain valuable insights, and stay informed about the latest developments in the payments sector.

Key Highlights

  1. Panel Discussions and Sessions: Lee attended several panel discussions and sessions, learning about the latest trends and innovations in the payments industry. These sessions covered digital payments, security, and regulatory changes, providing fresh perspectives and ideas.
  2. Networking Opportunities: The forum provided ample networking opportunities. Lee connected with industry leaders, potential partners, and clients, fostering relationships that will lead to exciting collaborations in the future.
  3. Workshops and Interactive Sessions: Lee participated in various workshops and interactive sessions, gaining hands-on experience with new technologies and methodologies. These activities enriched our understanding of the payments ecosystem and how we can better serve our clients.
VISA Payments Forum 2024 Stage
VISA Payments Forum 2024

Moving Forward

Our experience at the Visa Payments Forum 2024 was informative and inspiring. Attending the event allowed us to stay up-to-date on industry trends and innovations, which will inform our future product development and strategic initiatives.

Here's what Lee has to say on the latest trends in the payment industry: 

[Lee Easton, President] "Visa is taking over with the concept of “tap for everything” where money movement becomes easier and easier for consumers. Visa is also opening more doors around the world and building out more relationships with Merchants in other countries… enabling world travelers like myself to support smaller merchants.”

We thank Visa for organizing this insightful event and everyone who shared their knowledge and insights with us. We look forward to future events and continuing to drive innovation in the payments sector.

Are you browsing from the community? Or are you one of our esteemed clients? Follow our blog to see how we're shaping the landscape of fintech. 

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