OSU Cowboys 100 and iDENTIFY

Recently, our president - Lee Easton, was awarded a distinguished award from the Cowboy100 program, run by Oklahoma State University's Riata Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The Cowboy100 program honors OSU alumni-owned or run businesses that are expanding the fastest and growing at a considerable rate. 

Celebrating Innovation and Entrepreneurial Success

The award is particularly significant since it shows Lee's business expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, emphasizing the company's swift growth and innovative approaches. The Riata Center's goal is to advance business excellence and entrepreneurship within and outside the university, and the Cowboy100 event reinforces this objective. The fact that iDENTIFY is an integral component of this program shows the difference OSU graduates are making in business. This recognition additionally represents the Spears School of Business at OSU's ongoing commitment to promoting an innovative entrepreneurial environment.​

[Lee Easton, President] It was an honor to be considered for the Cowboy 100 but I was honestly more excited just to see some of the other amazing companies that have spun out of OSU Alumni. I'm proud to give credit to OSU for recognizing iDENTIFY, but have high hopes that someday we are the top 10 on the list... then I'll feel like we really accomplished something!"

Origins of the iDENTIFY Brand

The iDENTIFY brand has a rich history born from a passion for rapidly evolving technology. Originally known as AeroVision, a drone-focused aerial cinematography business, we quickly adapted to the changing market and transformed into a successful marketing firm. Today, we stand as a leading fintech company, a testament to our innovative use of technology, particularly in analytics and data management, for significant commercial applications.


With numerous banking clients, iDENTIFY has an outstanding portfolio today and is essential in creating sophisticated data pipelines and comprehensive reports for publicly traded companies. Due to our company's expertise in data engineering, handling and combining vast amounts of data is a breeze, translating intricate data into insights that organizations can use in various industries.

iDENTIFY Going Forward

The Cowboy100 award acknowledges our company's significant contributions to the financial industry while commemorating the exceptional growth under Lee's leadership. iDENTIFY has become vital to the financial sector by improving data processing and analytics while supporting our clients through intricate digital transitions. The award emphasizes Lee's commitment to leadership, creativity, and quality. It also shows how Oklahoma State University alums are integral to developing business and technology. 

Whether you're browsing from the community or you're one of our clients, follow our blog to see how we're shaping the landscape of financial technology today.

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