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When you first click on the Insight Creative Group website you’re greeted with the words Big Work, Big Impact, a statement that is certainly true for the contemporary Oklahoma City-based marketing and advertising agency. They believe in doing work that has a positive impact on their clients and, in turn, communities. A mission statement that goes well beyond basic advertising and marketing, setting ICG well apart from the competition.

ICG works with like-minded brands to help them on a path of self-discovery. They aim to bring out the heart and soul of who the company is through their advertising and marketing, helping them connect more deeply with their consumers. They focus primarily on brand identity, advertising and marketing campaigns, content creation, video production, social media, and digital and traditional media.

Since ICG’s mission and vision is so outstanding, it’s essential that what’s going on behind the scenes can keep up with their important work. While ICG had plenty going for them in terms of their marketing, they needed a little bit of help improving their strategy.

As soon as iDENTIFY began working with ICG, they focused heavily on their SEO strategy. They had a good starting point since ICG certainly wasn’t ranking at the bottom of the heap. However, when it comes to SEO, there’s a huge and impactful difference between a strategy that’s fine and a strategy that skyrockets a company to the top of those all-important search results. All different aspects of SEO fit together like a puzzle, ultimately bouncing off each other to create an ideal outcome that can make a world of difference to rankings. This was crucial, as the more people ICG could reach, the more visions they could help turn into a reality.

iDENTIFY began a deep-dive into ICG’s SEO, analyzing all aspects of their optimization. This in-depth analysis helped to uncovered some potential options when it came to initiating an improved SEO game plan. We could now gain a thorough understanding of where ICG was already doing well, and where they could vastly improve. This preliminary deep-dive into the company’s current SEO and marketing strategies gave critical insight into the best ways to improve rankings, and thus, optimize for the best possible ROI. Amongst checking for metrics in UX and HTML hierarchy, iDENTIFY also utilized essential data from Tableau to make justified decisions and track progress. Additionally, important efforts were made regarding ICG’s click per search queries, a type of query that indicates whether or not it’s necessary to explore synonyms of specific searches.

Regarding those useful Tableau reports, iDENTIFY utilized them to conduct thorough online marketing reports for ICG’s clients. Two such clients are Tonkawa and Kiowa Casinos. These reports give critical information on how the company’s marketing efforts are performing, showing data such as web traffic and interactions from Google Maps and Yelp. Additionally, the Google Search Console dashboards show search volume over time and the impact of each keyword on search traffic. Some dashboards show Google and Facebook ad performance and return on investment, as well as monthly KPIs. All of these different data sources give iDENTIFY the knowledge they need to track and improve marketing efforts.

Ultimately, ICG certainly wasn’t performing badly when it came to SEO, but as with most things, there was room for improvement. Since iDENTIFY’s involvement, they have begun to steadily climb up the rankings, giving them the ability to showcase their company to more consumers. With a mission statement as captivating as ICG’s, all they needed was a helping hand getting their message out into the world optimally. The rest took care of itself.

iDENTIFY specializes in website development projects. We have helped companies around the world build their websites, improve and optimize their search engine optimization, while launching their digital marketing campaigns through pay per click advertising.

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