Unifying Bank Data.

Banks sit on top of the MOST valuable data. There are a million different areas that your data can improve your customers' experience. Are you ready to iDENTIFY them?

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Based out of Tulsa, OK but serving Banks Coast to Coast!

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We help banks save time and money by centralizing data.

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20+ Expert Problem Solvers. We get bored with EASY.

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The future of data visualization starts with unified data.

We remove the headache of spreadsheets and put all of your data in one simple location.

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Struggling with CORE Data?

Most Community Banks are built on Jack Henry, FiServ, or FIS. These companies have been around for decades, and it shows! The data that your Community Bank needs to be efficient in today's world should be easy to access and we make it possible!

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Validate username/password
Make loan payments
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We start by bringing all of your data into one central location to make reporting 10x easier.


We then unify your data from within the warehouse outside of the CORE.


Lastly, that CORE data can now live in a BI tool such as Power BI or Tableau for easy reporting.

Banking Data Services

Banking Data at Ease.

Your CORE provider is likely as old as your bank. Don't waste time or money trying to use the old tools that were built with it. We have the expertise to extract the data and make it useful with modern tools!

Minimal Setup TIme
CORE Account Transactions
Improve Functionality
Improved Reporting Dashboards
Greater Flexibility
Less Time Spent Copying/Pasting
Cost Savings
Saving of Time = Saving of Money
Automatic Maintenance
Automate with Clean Data
Smaller Staff
Reallocate Jobs for More Strategic Roles
Measure Fintech Performance

Challenges with Fintech Programs?

Many Community Banks are starting to partner with Financial Technology companies. These Fintech programs are built on middle-layer companies such as Galileo, Marqeta, GreenDot, etc., to handle card issuing and processing. We can support and audit the performance of the data into your own, unique, dashboard.

Transaction Data

Transactional Data is our Specialty.

We clean and reformat your transactional data to the specification required by your vendors.


Transaction data is key to supporting any of your KYC or AML Vendors.


The transactions can tell you more about your customers and how they are spending their money.

Are you a fintech or bank looking for outreach?

Discover your ideal bank sponsor, explore leading fintech programs, access fintech industry map, and connect with the perfect partner for your company.

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Check out our favorite tools for Data.

As a Preferred Snowflake Partner, we are a bit biased... However,

We use the top tools on the market to do so along with lifting your data into a visual layer that helps your team execute.

Just a taste of our tech.

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How to get started with our Banking Data Team.

Follow the steps below for the simplest way to get your data up and functioning for your entire organization.


The Path we follow



To get started we spend 50-100 hours to get to know your organization's data through our Discovery Sprint.



We then spend 50-100 hours to configure and set up your cloud platform and begin building all the data connections.



The data must be moved and transformed so that we can organize it for users to make sense of it all.



Various reports and ongoing support will be used to visualize the data so that intelligent decisions can be made for your business.


Some of our Successful Banking Partners.

Don't trust our experience just yet? Feel free to check out some of the Community Banks we've been partnered with over the last few years!


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With more than 100 years of combined experience we can deliver the best technology solutions.

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