iDENTIFY in the Community: Making Impressions at the Fintech Meetup 2024

As technology continues to shape the Fintech landscape, the iDENTIFY team finds itself at the forefront, with our members venturing to the esteemed Fintech Meetup 2024. This prestigious event provides our Fintech Agency a unique platform to foster connections, collaboration, and growth in the financial sector. Our team not only had the privilege of seeing the latest solutions in Fintech, but we also had the rare opportunity to engage with visionary individuals shaping the future of financial technologies. 

When Fintech Meets Opportunity

Aside from the new solutions presented at the Fintech Meetup, this event leverages technology for networking and potential partnerships. Now, after over a decade of leading industry events, the organizers of the Fintech Meetup showcase even more technology opportunities to revolutionize how participants interact. Having facilitated over 45,000 meetings, discovering organizations and potential partnerships hasn't been more accessible. This event takes the core of our agencies and connects engineering and networking, ensuring a measurable return on investment and reaffirming the value of our participation. 

[Eric Jenkins, CEO/Co-Founder - FintechMap] - Attending Fintech Meetup for the first time, I was astounded by the intensity and productivity of the event. Engaging in 30+ meetings was not just a test of endurance, but a clear demonstration of the dynamic nature of the fintech industry. Each conversation opened new doors and created opportunities.

Bringing Innovation Across Fintech

At iDENTIFY, we resonate with financial technology as we can see how leveraging technology in organizations brings operational efficiency and showcases its value in other core competencies of all business models. Ranging from sponsor banks to creating data pipelines for publically traded companies, iDENTIFY's collaboration with the financial industry grows every day as we create unique solutions for our clients. Being in the company of like-minded individuals is always a pleasure, and bringing back new ideas for solutions is always paramount. 

Fintech Meetup 2024

The excellent itinerary of the meetup showcased the industry's upcoming solutions. It was also a platform to develop new ideas, identify trends, and find innovative ways to shape the financial services landscape. From leadership discussions to strategy talks to technology presentations, iDENTIFY's position with the community deepened our commitment to being contributors while also benefiting from the event. 

With that being said, the event's target of driving networking aligns with our mission at iDENTIFY to create tangible solutions for our clients. With our engineers at the core of our agency, we're constantly looking for ways to leverage technology for our clients. Expanding our horizons and unlocking new ways our clients can benefit from technology is always our priority. With several years of experience and now having provided countless solutions, we aim to improve our value propositions even further. 

Lee and friends at the Fintech Meetup 2024
[Lee Easton, President] - If we could only attend 1 conference a year, this would be the one. Not one bone in my body loves Vegas... so that is truly saying something. The amount of aligned connections that happen at Fintech Meetup are HUGE for iDENTIFY and both our existing and prospect Clients. It's the place where we get to hang with old friends and meet a ton of new friends all at the same time.

This year we got to have breakfast with Kayla Jones and Devon Secoy of Focus Bank to discuss the future of their Fintech growth strategy. We were also able to spend time with Jason Chorlins with Kaufman Rossin to discuss how they are helping banks button up their regulatory and compliance reporting. We even got time with the legendary folks like Jimmy Stallings with Stride bank to discuss how they've built their own infrastructure to monitor some of the performance of Fintech Programs

Women in Fintech

At iDENTIFY, we also want to give a massive shoutout to the women on our team who push the bounds of innovation day in and day out. Our project managers, executive team, and engineers make iDENTIFY possible, and our team is comprised of diverse members who are talented in their craft.

The Fintech Meetup is nothing short of empowering women in STEM, as our esteemed team member, Erica McIntyre, attended the event for the iDENTIFY team. Amongst like-minded individuals, Erica's attendance at the event developed iDENTIFY more, as this event was a remarkable platform for women in leadership to share similar insights, create possible partnerships, and showcase their achievements.  Along the new solutions that are shaping financial technology, here's what Erica had to say about the event.

Erica at the Fintech Meetup 2024
[Erica McIntyre, Admin & Sales] - It was amazing seeing so many women from different backgrounds within the industry! Some women had been in banking for over a decade while others were just getting started like me. I got to hear a lot about compliance concerns, openness to innovative solutions, and support for other women in Fintech to get deals done! It was the perfect event for my “welcome” into the sales side of iDENTIFY!"

Key Takeaways

After three days of seeing and participating in the revolutionary landscape of financial technology, iDENTIFY's attendance at the event was more than to network; it was a testament to our commitment to being collaborators of innovation. The iDENTIFY teams found this event to be nothing short of spectacular, but it was an outstanding experience where our team could find impactful connections and learning opportunities. Our data engineering continues to provide next-level solutions for our clients, further improving their operations and business models. 

From our president, Lee Easton's involvement in the Fintech community at the Fintech Retreat 2023 to our own SaaS products on the Fintech Map, our commitment to Fintech and our clients never wavers. 

Whether you're one of our esteemed clients or just browsing from the community, stay up to date with our blog to see how we're shaping the landscape of financial technologies. 

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