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iDENTIFY Achieves Snowflake Partner Status

We are excited to announce that iDENTIFY has advanced to the status of a Snowflake Select Partner! This significant achievement showcases our commitment to providing cloud data warehousing solutions and distinguishes us from our competitors in providing exceptional implementations for our clients.

Understanding the Snowflake Select Partner Status

Becoming a Snowflake Select Partner is a prestigious accomplishment that signifies our deep expertise and proven success with Snowflake's cloud data platform. This status is awarded to partners who deliver innovative data solutions and drive customer success. As a Select Partner, we are recognized for our outstanding technical skills and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Our skilled technical team maintains these great relationships and is key to the other necessary partnership milestones: the training and certifications required to ensure our customers' success.

What This Means for Our Clients

Our new status as a Snowflake Select Partner brings numerous benefits to our clients, including:

  • Advanced data integration and management services.
  • Enhanced performance and scalability for data operations.
  • Exclusive access to Snowflake resources and support.
  • The ability to leverage cutting-edge features and innovations from Snowflake.

These additions enable us to provide even more robust and efficient data solutions, ensuring your business can thrive in the banking industry.

Here’s what Sam (Lead Data Engineer) has to say about how we’re implementing the Snowflake Partner Status for our clients: 

“Working with banks migrating to modern fintech for years now, we’re excited to be snowflake partners and look forward to implementing more solutions for our clients.”

Our Journey to Success

Our journey to becoming a Snowflake Select Partner has been marked by dedication and hard work. We have successfully implemented numerous Snowflake solutions for our diverse clients, invested in continuous training and certification for our team members, and collaborated closely with Snowflake to deliver tailored solutions that meet our clients' unique needs. This achievement is a testament to our talented team's efforts and our valued clients' trust.

Looking Ahead

This new status aligns perfectly with our future goals and vision at iDENTIFY. We are committed to driving innovation and excellence in data solutions. As we look ahead, we are excited about upcoming projects and initiatives, including developing new data products and services that leverage Snowflake's capabilities. For our banking clients, find out how banks stay ahead by migrating their data cores to Snowflake.

Thank you for being part of our journey. We look forward to achieving even greater heights together! Are you browsing from the community? Or are you one of our esteemed clients? Follow our blog to see how we're shaping the fintech landscape. 

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