iDENTIFY Retreat 2024

At iDENTIFY, fostering a strong, unified team is the cornerstone of our continued success. Our recent annual retreat exemplified this commitment, bringing together our talented team members for four days of collaboration, team-building, and community engagement. Here’s a glimpse into our enriching experience and shared vision for the future.

Day 1 - Travel In

Our retreat started with travel and check-in at The Brut, where team members had the opportunity to settle in and unwind—flex time allowed everyone to relax and explore their surroundings, setting the tone for the days ahead.

Day 2 - Team Building

The second day began with an optional breakfast at Soma, an opportunity for early risers to fuel up and socialize before the day’s activities.

Team Meeting: The Root Coworking hosted our team meeting, where we discussed our company’s vision and goals for the upcoming year. This session was crucial in aligning our strategies and fostering a sense of shared purpose.

Some notable mentions of this meeting are as follows: 

  • Sam, Anton, and Carlos presented on our Snowflake partnership
  • Led by Lee, the team engaged in a group activity to see how we could show up better for clients before, during, and after projects. 

Lunch and Team Building: We then headed to Postoak Lodge for lunch, followed by a series of team-building exercises designed to enhance collaboration and communication. The serene setting of Postoak Lodge provided the perfect backdrop for these activities, encouraging team members to connect on a deeper level.

Dinner and Bonfire: The evening was capped with a dinner and bonfire at Postoak Lodge. This relaxed setting allowed for informal conversations and bonding, strengthening the camaraderie among team members.

Day 3 - Community Engagement

The third day started with another optional breakfast at Soma, providing a nutritious start before a day of exploration and giving back.

Exploration: Explored the Gathering Place Tulsa Riverfront Park, a vibrant community space that inspired creativity and relaxation.

Here’s what Erica had to say about this beautiful venue: 

“This place was HUGE. The group was able to bring family members and for the most part, we explored together as Lee gave us a tour. We played like big kids climbing, ziplining, and balancing across logs. There was a "sound garden" with large instruments as well that the group really enjoyed.”

Lunch: Lunch at Redbud Cafe within the park offered a delightful culinary experience amidst beautiful surroundings. This was when we got out of the heat and into the shade! We ate as one big group with our families. 

The menu was as follows: 

  • Slushies
  • Water
  • Burgers
  • Fries
  • Chicken Fingers
  • Vegetarian Options

Volunteering: In the spirit of giving back, we volunteered at the Tulsa Day Center, where our team members worked together to support the local community. This experience underscored our commitment to social responsibility and reinforced the values we uphold as a company.

As philanthropy is huge to us at iDENTIFY, our team members split into three teams to help those in need. They are as follows: 

  • Facilities - A group of men helped outdoors
  • Outreach bags - A group of ladies helped prepare bags with toiletries and snacks which later got passed out to the displaced community.
  • Clothing store - The rest of the team helped sort donated clothes and hang them up in their store.

The best part about this experience was Shahnur's daughter! She dove right in with a huge heart on a mission.

Dinner: The day concluded with a dinner at The Vault, offering a unique dining experience that celebrated our accomplishments and strengthened our resolve for the future. Fun fact: The Vault used to be a bank! Similar to our clients, it was great to have a unique experience similar to our clients. 

Day 4 - Travel Out

The final day consisted of an optional breakfast at Soma, providing a final opportunity for team members to gather before check-out and departure. Flex time was allocated to ensure a smooth and stress-free travel experience.

Looking Ahead

Our annual retreat was more than just an opportunity to unwind; it was a chance to reinforce our company vision and values. As we progress, the insights and connections gained from this retreat will guide us in achieving our goals and fulfilling our mission at iDENTIFY. We look forward to the future with renewed enthusiasm and a stronger, more united team.

Capturing Memories

We created a photo and video wall to capture the memorable moments of our retreat. These visual memories will remind us of our shared experiences and the bonds we strengthened during this time.

Huge shoutout to Braden Cox of Brazen Productions - who took most of our pictures to share with you all! Find all of our event photos in the slideshow below!

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