W5 Consulting

W5 Consulting

We are a team of Platinum-level SAP consultants who make your enterprise applications work for you. We know data, business processes, ERP, and analytics from the lowest atomic level to the highest cloud level. W5 has decades of experience with many clients across multiple verticals — oil & gas, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail, to name a few — allows us to use big-picture and outside-the-box thinking to solve your most complex puzzles. Over the past 25 years, W5 has built, advised, designed, implemented, supported, and trained more than 800 clients in reporting, ERP, governance, data, solutions, and web applications. For us, it’s not about the technology, it’s about the business solution. First, we evaluate your processes and understand your culture. Only then do we advise you on how SAP, Oracle, and other technologies fit into your business needs. Read more about our approach and team.

W5 Consulting
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