October 5, 2021

AeroVision Has Taken on an Exciting New Endeavour


AeroVision has some exciting news! We’re happy to announce that we are now an active member of the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits. This is a fantastic step forward for our company, and we’re excited to start working with nonprofits as part of this partnership. The Oklahoma Center for Non-Profits provides excellent advice and resources to help boost nonprofits and inspire them to achieve their goals, as well as advocate for them within the legislature and their communities. AeroVision is thrilled to join with the OKCNP and help play a role in their important mission. 

Oklahoma Center For Nonprofits

So, what exactly does The Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits do? 

Well, it’s the state’s leading association for nonprofit organizations. Their mission is to empower nonprofits to achieve excellence in their missions... which is certainly what they do. The Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits was created as a tool to serve the state’s charitable nonprofits. The OKCNP provides nonprofits with access to several resources, including consulting, training, and clinics. They consult organizations on all aspects of business, from strategic planning to governance. The OKCNP is passionate about advocating for their sector and other communities. 

OKCNP provides several clinics and events, primarily the Standard for Excellence clinic series, which is a nationally renowned flagship program. This clinic series is designed to offer Oklahoma nonprofits an ethics and accountability model that they can utilize, as well as giving a voice to Oklahoma nonprofits within their communities and the state legislature. 

By becoming a member of The Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits, AeroVision hopes to be able to offer our services to Oklahoma nonprofit organizations and help them flourish in their business operations. Our ultimate goal is to help these impactful organizations make the best possible use of their data. By providing non-profits with assistance in efficiently organizing and moving their data, we hope to be able to make their lives a little easier and provide them with better focus. Non-profits have important and time-consuming jobs to do, which is why AeroVision hopes to be able to save them a great deal of time and effort. By providing Data as a Service, AeroVision can improve the running of nonprofits by automating their data and saving their employees significant amounts of time completing arduous tasks. 

Data matters hugely to nonprofits organizations, and they tend to have a lot of it. Efficient organization and automation of data could significantly improve how a nonprofit functions and help them further its missions. For example, data can be used to acquire new donors, improve campaigns, and optimize volunteer recruitment. These are just some examples of how important efficient data collection and organization is to a nonprofit organization. Ultimately, AeroVision's partnership with the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits will provide these important organizations with services that can significantly improve the ways they function and, in turn, their impact on communities. 

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