August 1, 2023

AeroVision Evolves into iDENTIFY

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Evolves into iDENTIFY: A Specialized Data Engineering and Analytics Company Catering to the Banking Sector

Tulsa, Oklahoma - 1 August 2023 - AeroVision, a renowned software and data engineering company, proudly announces its transformation and rebranding into iDENTIFY, a cutting-edge data engineering and analytics firm exclusively focused on serving the banking industry.

The decision to rebrand to iDENTIFY comes as a strategic move to align with the company's vision of becoming the premier data solutions provider for the banking sector. As, the company established itself as a trusted name in the software and data engineering space, delivering innovation and excellence to clients across various industries. However, the evolving needs of the banking sector and the ever-growing importance of data-driven decision-making led to the realization that a more specialized approach was necessary.

iDENTIFY represents the company's renewed commitment to providing advanced data engineering and analytics solutions tailored specifically for the banking industry. This strategic shift enables iDENTIFY to deepen its focus, expertise, and dedication to empowering financial institutions with data-driven insights that drive growth, efficiency, and enhanced customer experiences.

"We are thrilled to unveil iDENTIFY as the new face of our company," said Lee Easton, President/Founder at iDENTIFY. "This rebranding marks a significant milestone in our journey as we evolve to meet the unique data challenges faced by the banking sector. Our team is excited to leverage our expertise in data engineering and analytics to support financial institutions in making smarter, data-backed decisions."

The rebranding process involved extensive research, analysis, and collaboration to ensure that the iDENTIFY brand accurately represents the company's values and vision. The iDENTIFY brand reflects:

  1. Specialization: iDENTIFY is exclusively dedicated to serving the banking sector, enabling the company to offer tailored data solutions that address industry-specific challenges and opportunities.
  2. Data Engineering Excellence: The company's expertise in data engineering enables financial institutions to access, process, and manage their data efficiently, creating a solid foundation for advanced analytics.
  3. Data-Driven Insights: iDENTIFY empowers banks with actionable insights derived from data analytics, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimize their operations.
  4. Partnership: iDENTIFY collaborates closely with its banking clients, building strong partnerships to understand their unique requirements and deliver optimal solutions.

As part of the rebranding, iDENTIFY will launch its new website ( that showcases its specialized services, case studies, and resources catered explicitly to the banking industry. The website will be a hub of knowledge and expertise, providing financial institutions with valuable insights into harnessing the power of data for competitive advantage.

Clients can be assured that the rebranding will not impact existing contracts, services, or agreements. The transition to iDENTIFY will be seamless, with all communication channels and contact information remaining unchanged.

iDENTIFY is eager to embark on this new chapter, empowering banks with advanced data engineering and analytics solutions that propel them toward greater success and growth.

For media inquiries and further information about the rebranding, please contact:

Jamie Villagracia

Executive Administrative Assistant & Finance Manager 



iDENTIFY is a specialized data engineering and analytics company. With a team of skilled professionals and a wealth of industry expertise, iDENTIFY empowers financial institutions with data-driven insights that fuel growth, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

To learn more about iDENTIFY and its specialized services, visit

Note to Editors:

Logos and high-resolution images are available upon request.

Interviews with Lee Easton, President/Founder can be scheduled upon availability.


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